Bytomski Zakład Usług Górniczych Sp. z o.o. [Bytom Mining Servies] specializes in mining and energy machine works, including:

  • Drilling mining excavations with the use of read header machines,
  • Drilling mining excavations with the use of blasting agents and own equipment (drilling rigs, loaders),
  • Shaft mining works associated with the eradication of shafts, including disassembly of shaft equipment,
  • Remodeling of mining excavations through bottom taking,
  • Implementation and reconstruction of intersections,
  • Performance of works related to the development and reconstruction of belt conveyors and scraper conveyors,
  • Development, extension and maintenance of air conditioning, pipelines and cable lines,
  • Development of suspended queues routes,
  • Dewatering of mining excavations,
  • Works related to energy service.